Sandstone floors – February 2017

Gym floor looking through to treatment room

The last couple of months have been full on laying the floors. The floors have to be “breathable” to allow the limecrete slab underneath to release moisture. The stone is set in a bed of lime mortar which takes a month to cure, then sealed with a breathable protective sealant. Then the  underfloor heating can be switched on and the rooms are now finally getting some heat after years of being shut up, unused.

In the gym and reception rooms we have laid a beautiful sandstone which is a sedimentary stone from the seabed and is very colourful with lots of pinks and purples to match the sandstone walls. The rear wall of the gym has been plastered with lime hemp plaster, a sustainable and eco- friendly plaster which is both insulating and breathable.

In the treatment room and changing room there is a pale green/yellow slate floor as a contrast. The underfloor heating is throughout the building so all floors feel warm to the touch.

Inside reception looking out onto Main Street

The window sills and upstands have been cut from the same sandstone as the floor. The original wooden beam over the windows will be retained but boxed in in wood. We also have installed a log stove in reception for extra winter warmth!

Next is the plumbing for the changing room, business kitchen and toilet and finally the joinery to finish it all off.