Equipping the gym – May 2017

Once the building works were over and the re-wiring, re-plumbing and interior decoration was done, the exciting job of equipping the gym was next. Almost all of the larger pieces of equipment arrived on the same day. The gym looked like this (some of those boxes are very heavy!):

….and not long after, the largest piece of kit, the squat rack, was laid out as a large metal puzzle:

After that was assembled, everything else fell into place around it until we had a lovely well equipped gym at last.

Squat rack with side safety bars, Concept 2 rower, battle rope and free weights
Free weights area and weights bench
Wattbikes – as used by British Cycling and Team Sky

In addition we have a variety of smaller pieces of equipment such as a bosu balance trainer, resistance bands, kettle bells, Swiss balls, punch mitts/gloves, a plyometric box, medicine balls and a balance mat. This gives us a huge range of exercises for cardiovascular work, muscular strength and endurance training as well as core stability.

Time to get in there and do some work!




Final building works – April 2017

Finally, after nearly 18 months of knocking down walls, ripping out interiors, digging up floors, demolishing and rebuilding the extension, re-wiring, re-plumbing and then fitting out the interior, we have a building ready to equip for the business!

And what a smart looking building it is.

We still have some lime work to do around the windows as that can only be done in spring and summer but otherwise the outside is finished.


Window signage

The window signage has been installed on the centre window and we have a working phone line! Next step was to furnish the reception room. For this we tried to source reclaimed and “industrial” style pieces which would be in keeping with the exposed stone walls and sandstone floors of a mid 1850s building. We found some metal / wood shelving, desk and sideboard which looks great with the log burning stove. Add some old storage boxes for the firewood next to the slate hearth and the fireplace is a centrepiece.

The pewter chain curtain separates the reception room from the gym and has our Physicality logo in silver.

The other side of the reception room has a comfy leather sofa for clients waiting for a personal training or massage session, or to sit and discuss personal requirements with Carl or Carole over a cup of coffee. Hopefully our clients will find this reception room comfortable, relaxing and above all, a private area for discussion with us.

Next – equipping the gym.