Physicality Talks

Every now and then I present a talk on a topic of interest – either nutrition or training or a combination of both. The notes for these talks are generally listed in the archives so here’s a list of the talks to help you to find the notes:

  • Dietary fat – Friend or Foe 13/9/17
  • Energy Systems and Performance 4/9/17
  • Nutrition and Physical Degeneration 9/10/17
  • Physiology of Exercise 1 – Aerobic Capacity 6/11/17
  • Food as Fuel for Athletes – What to eat and when to eat it 4/12/17
  • Heart Rate Monitoring – why? 8/3/18
  • Calories and why you should not count them 5/3/18
  • Core Stability – the basics 9/7/18