“Energy Systems and Performance” Monthly Talk 4/9/17


Performance testing Carl on the Wattbike

How do we generate energy for exercise and what fuels do we use to do it?

How do the systems and fuels used change with different levels of intensity?

What are the limiting factors which stop us from going harder for longer?

This talk, the second in a monthly series at Physicality, is aimed at anyone wanting to understand their own performance and limitations. It outlines the basic knowledge required to go on to understand the principles behind cardiovascular training programs (to be covered at a subsequent talk) such as intervals, endurance and “fat burning” sessions – what they are trying to achieve and why.
Whilst the approach – “all it takes is just a bit more effort” gets you a long way, it doesn’t always work!

A few yards from the line and on the limit, even if it’s only a park run!

If you would like to read the notes for the talk, please click on the link below:

Scanned copy of notes from talk